Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dual Sport Riding, 1989 Yamaha XT600 Introduction, and Introducing the 2017 WR250R

Introducing the 1989 Yamaha XT600

Cush Drive

For a big single stroke like this 600cc to deliver smooth power, a cush drive is involved to smooth out the action going to the wheels. :)
See this part of my Motorcycle Inner Tube Replacement or Repair, 89 Yamaha XT 600 video to see the Cush Drive.

1989 Yamaha XT600 statistics:

Crank HP 44
Gas mileage stock 44

Rear tire pressure 22, off-road 14

Dirt Riding Meets the Street, Dual Sport Riding!

Enduro riding is a way of trying to have it all. The city and the off-road, or as I call it, the dirt.
"What did you do this weekend?"
"I was in the dirt", I reply with a smile. :) The answer doesn't change, I'm happy.

Really, having a street legal dirt bike, an enduro or dual sport, is about trying to have everything. The streets and the off-road. You do sacrifice how much the wind hits you being high up on windy days, but you gain not loading your motorcycle into a truck all the time to enjoy a trail ride.

This is a sneak peak, you only know about this if you're following my website! Here's a brief raw clip, where I'm excited to not have to load up my old 1989 Yamaha XT600 up anymore in my Nissan Frontier to go for a ride:  

The issue was that the 89 Yamaha XT600 isn't a popular motorcycle anymore. Some vintage items are, and the parts are more readily available...I could be wrong. There are a surprising number of enthusiasts on YouTube, but playing with an old motorcycle is an expensive game when parts are very hard to come by so....I ended up getting a new one, lol. :) That video is still coming. We'll be nice and call it editing issues.

Long story short, my old 89 Yamaha XT600 kept being difficult to replace parts for, some of which would of helped me get street legal, so really, it was a off-road only experience instead of the dual sport that I was truly going for.

Introducing the 2015-2017 WR250R though an oil change, lol

The 2015 had an intake tube recall and 2016 had it right new. For the 2017 model, I heard they changed to a high compression engine but I've seen the same compression since 2008! And possibly the cause of dirtier oil. More blow by gases. EXUP exhaust seems also responsible for dirtier oil, but hey it also makes the bike more responsive at more and less RPM by adjusting exhaust restriction. People with aftermarket exhaust say the oil dirties slower.

Okay. I got excited. I'll drop the bold. More about EXUP exhaust (Exhaust ultimate power valve):
Exup exhaust is a valve controller that controls how much exhaust can leave the engine. This gives the WR250R way more control over how the engine is running. Sure, it is an emissions thing, but it also increase the performance of the engine all across the rev range. There is no perfect solution for how narrow or wide an exhaust is across all the rev ranges. With in stock performance, this is the best you can get. If you replace the muffler, will you have more power? Yes, but probably not at lower revs, because the aftermarket I've seen so far REDUCES low end torque. Sure, mufflers very, but they all, that I've seen, require removing the EXUP valve. Headers do the same thing to the bike. People who want the best drag racing motorcycle out of their WR250R somewhat missed the point of it's creation, and at this time, that seems the only way to upgrade in this region. To lose some of this performance in one RPM to gain some of performance in different RPM. So right now, I want none of it. I already bought the creme dela creme of current dual sports available under $10k. And the Husqvarna's above $10k need engine rebuilds constantly for all the power they pull out of little machines. The Honda CRF250L is reliable and dirties it's oil slower without EXUP or a high compression engine...but they also don't get the high compression engine or EXUP. It' a trade off, but other than higher fueling and oil change costs, you do get more performance with the cost of more oil changes. 
 - By AutoBravado

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