Monday, December 14, 2015

1/4" Matco 12 V ratchet and the Infinium Impact Screwdriver

1/4" Matco 12 V ratchet.

I use it all the time. Read about it, or watch about it. :)

I love it on TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), because once I have it "close" I can feel it in the rest of the way to have it secure, but gently secure.

I don't break loose bolts with it unless I free-hand with it, but I think and treat it like what it is, a 1/4" driver so I should be more or less nice with it and use another tool, and then save time with moving it the rest of the way off with this. (Note: when it's brand new, it appears you can't use it as a ratcheting wrench without power, but once it loosens up a bit that feature is easily used and it's my favorite reason to buy it, because my air ratchet can be free handed to gently get a nut or bolt just right without over-torquing it.)

Matco is actually stopping the making of these...or so they said to discount it a bunch when I bought it! I hope if you like this as much as me that you get in before it's too late. Similar devices in their new 18V line are about $600+ for one and I got mine for about $289 for this and the infinium screwdriver.

All the technicians at work use a snap on electric screwdriver and I admit I've picked theirs up a few times when I was doing a tpms and I thought, wow, this is gutless...yet, our top tech has kept his running nice and it seems to have little impacts like my Matco Infinium screwdriver.

My infinium screwdriver has a killer impact action, so if you plan to use it as a screwdriver be gentle unless you know your screw or whatever attachment you use it on can take it!


Matco 1/4" 12V electric ratchet

Some blue locktite was on a the big bolts for holding on the caliper bracket. My 1/4" wasn't enough. :( I normally knock those off with my 1/2" impact air gun, but there was no space.

I resorted to the tool that everyone was hating me for using at work! I used my 3/8" ratcheting air tool from Harbor Freight. Only the guys air hammers are louder than this ridiculous loud tool! Oh well, it serves it's purpose. Mostly how I save time and pain with my 1/4" Matco 12 V ratchet is not needing to put on hearing protection, get an air line. I mention pain, because my hearing protection is very hot and sweaty to use if I'm working hard, even in the winter with the heated shop, and much worse when it's summer! I certainly was tired about everyone pressuring me in the shop to stop torturing them.

I don't normally try to sale things, especially things I can't make money on, but if I sound like a salesman, forgive my enthusiasm for how much more money I'm making since I got this. Granted, my skills were prepped to where a new tool in the right places was going to save me a lot of time. Earlier on in my career, I was so slow this wouldn't have made much difference.

Mostly how I use the Matco 1/4" 12V ratchet is to keep myself from losing as much money on oil changes. I always call them the 13 bolt setup, regardless of how many bolts I have to pull just to change oil! Sorry, love you Ford, but there's a period of Ford Fusions that I just hate the very sight that I have this tool, it's decreased my anger to, neutral, and sometimes joy in this tool, but back to neutral...Ford, Kia, Hyundai, and many more, these are just what customers more often drive into the shop. They've all had me remove these darn things for free during an oil change. (How much an oil change pays doesn't cover the time for removal of panels under the car.)


On the 12V Infinium Impact Screwdriver:

-I wanted it to be a drill, not their fault, lol
-You have to be crazy soft on it to not destroy aluminum screws when doing New Honda oil changes...the new ones have a plate with SOFT screws...but once I finished starting to rip a new one into one of those screws (still useable) I realized how powerful the Matco Infinium Screwdriver was and to respect it!
-When you use the infinium impact screw driver in a very light matter the light barely comes on or can manage to not turn on at all (This was true, after a short break in, it's easy to barely pull the trigger and have only the light as you line up.) - when doing delicate work I no longer risk getting no light from the driver. Some devices like these have a timer where they leave a light on for a bit so you don't have to actually have it spinning to see, this doesn't.

Some holy cow claims!

While I was talking to my agent with Matco another mechanic pulled up who happened to spot the truck and he needed his 3/8" ratchet warrantied...well, that was 6 years ago (2 year warranty, I did some research and that is a holy cow claim. Matco introduced a 3/8" ratchet in 2013, but they have had the infinium line longer and have redone tools like this, so this doesn't confirm or deny the "Holy Cow claim"), how much to get it fixed? All that's broken is the little ball that holds nuts on the tool in all this time!

He's used it well beyond what he should as a Heavy Truck Automotive Technician for years and years. lol

Comes with:

A soft case which fits the battery charger and one of the tools ... I can't remember if it's intended to fit both tools or I'm just not putting the puzzle correctly or not. I'll have to look into that, lol.

by AutoBravado