Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Synthetic Motor Oil Controversy

I've met some old timers (said with great apprecation and respect) who have very valid negative experiences with synthetic motor oil. You see, what would happen, is if you'd switch from the regular mineral based variety to synthetic motor oil, your gaskets would shrink and you'd develop a leak. When I first thought about this problem, I thought, well gaskets aren't that bad to change, but I was only thinking of the oil pan gasket, some cars have other engine gaskets that are very laborious to replace, or very expensive to replace.

So, are you wondering, if I have an 80's or older car do I need to worry (not sure of the time line, best guess)? And I answer you no. You see, what was causing the gasket shrinkage is something that hasn't been part of the any synthetic motor oil formula for quite some time. One of my reasons for writing this article, is that one of my friends that has a couple, extra decades on me stopped reading autobravado, the moment he saw me approving of synthetic motor oil.

Have you guys heard of Car Talk? They are a couple older gents (they've referred to their age in humor and seriously, they are so funny!). They are brothers, who have decades of experience more than me. They inform me that there is no reason to worry and they are a 2nd and 3rd source for the information in my article after a neighbor that has 3 times the lifetime I do to prove it.

They brought up another valid argument that I've heard for a long time. You see, if your car is going merrily, or not so merrily along towards it's death, paying the extra money for synthetics is probably not going to help. I myself am one to take the best care of a car's motor oil the best I can, to the point that I have given synthetic motor oil changes right up to a car's death.

I've run the math repeatedly, and there is no way around one simple truth. A car's or truck's miles per gallon is improved enough by synthetic motor oil, that even up to a car's death, you're still saving money. I'll take exception to this advice if what is wrong with your car, is that as it runs it dumps oil on the road, it might as well be the cheap stuff. I know a guy who takes the recycle oil to put in such a 1960's beast. You know, you're trashed oil? He filters it and reuses it because his car is sooooo bad.

Want another article about synthetic motor oil which explains more about how it helps with a car's or truck's miles per gallon? Synthetic Motor Oil

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