Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fuel Mileage (Totally Awesome!)

Fuel Mileage; realize that fuel mileage studies require at least a basic understanding of physics.
"Fuel mileage is just a matter of superior engineering based on sound principles of physics. Fuel mileage has many names, like, miles per gallon (MPG), or gas efficiency gas which will turn into extra torque and horsepower, mostly horsepower.

Solutions to poor fuel mileage is no simple matter unless you break it down. In physics, most of the math is based upon simple particles. Comprehending a car’s or truck’s miles per gallon are so complex that if you are to cause an improvement to the entire system you have to work with one system at a time hoping that it won’t throw off another system as well. There are so many ways for vehicles to lose power and decrease fuel mileage from the way that the gasoline is used. Typically, you can’t expect to obtain more than 25 percent of the capacity of the medium gasoline to be turned into a vehicle moving forward.

Fuel mileage and the costs of heat
The most basic conversion of gasoline into motion loses much to the creation of heat, among many other forms of energy: kinetic, friction, wasted motions like the up and down of traditional versus rotary engines. These are all losses to engine power, but I give exception to energy for a comfortable passenger cabin. A comfortable driver drives better and waists less gas.

Heat is the number one factor in weakening metal to the point that it will wear down, which causes metal particles to be suspended in motor oil, transmission oil, radiator coolant, and power steering fluid. Each particle in turn will wear more components further. This list counts down from the most often maintained to the least, yet they are all important to a vehicle‘s fuel mileage.

Heat may cost your vehicle's fuel mileage, but there are solutions.
Why change all of these fluids often? Fresh, quality fluids can reduce friction in an engine and lesson the overall wear and tear to the 4 systems mentioned in the last paragraph. It is best for your fuel mileage to flush the motor, the transmission, the radiator, and the most ignored system of all: the power steering. If these fluids are changed often enough, just changing these fluids is enough so you save money on not flushing the system.

Do something about your fuel mileage and take control.
Most of us know to change the oil, but do we take the time to use what is rated the best by an independent lab test like Mobile 1, a synthetic motor oil, which is #1, or the inexpensive Wal-Mart brand of oil that is rated #2 (Sept. 2011, note: consumers have said they're worst out there. I was wondering if that was a paid for "study". I have had good experiences with Castrol Syntec - I buy it if it's on sale, or I go Mobile 1.). Do we install the best motor oil filter on the market by Mobile (2nd to it is K&N's Oil Filter), which filters at a higher rate of efficiency on the double pass test than any other standard oil filter? Or, do we buy the cheapest one? Filtering out more of the bad particles will definitely help the engine last longer, reduce friction and therefore decrease that wearing heat. Most people say no, we’d rather save money on each system by not taking care of it or by using the **cheapest fluids and oil filters possible. The cost in lost efficiency and how long your vehicle will last makes the extra expense pay for itself. Damage from ignoring these systems is permanent; being better next time for a fluid change helps, but the damage is already done. Do it right, and find the feel of your vehicle being improved and longer lasting.

** Regular changing of a vehicle’s fluid with the cheap stuff is far better than waiting to change the fluid beyond its recommended expiration. Sept 2011 update: a study was done proving that long-term low grade temperatures to not have a negative effect on oil. Therefore, how many miles you drive determines the changing of fluid, and never the time.

* It's just people's opinion that Wal-Mart oil is the worst, but when I wise looking man said that to me recently, I couldn't NOT believe him since it confirmed suspicions since I wrote this article that kept me from ever trying their cheap brands.