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Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic Motor Oil - Remember, that to keep your truck or car miles per gallon at it's best, it requires many details to be just right, so feel free to read the Synthetic Motor Oil article, but remember that these other articles are here for you too:

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Synthetic Motor Oil
Synthetic motor oil is the only way Auto Bravado will go with engine lubricant. I've personally collected too much data on it being smoother, and if the engine runs more smoothly then it runs more efficient. If it runs more efficiently based on being smoother, the engine will last longer by the use of synthetic motor oil over conventional mineral based lubricants.

Mineral based lubricants have a disadvantage to synthetic motor oils:  
Mineral based, or conventional oil lubricants have in them inherently more "sludge" to start off with, which will slowly create a journal on your engine. A journal being grooves showing evidence of some grinding. This happens very quickly on an engine that is eating itself alive and about to blow, while mineral based lubricants will be doing this on a slight and gradual basis. Synthetic motor oils, not being based off ancient chemical reactions in the earth are purer and they should create a longer life for the engine.

Support your superior lubricant, the synthetic motor oil, with the right filter:
No matter how good your synthetic motor oil is over the conventional, and no matter how much better the additives that come with it, you will build up sludge and you need to choose the right filter. You can find out how much gets filtered on a single pass test pretty easily, but that isn't even the important one, because most filters will look good at this level. The double-pass test will show you some durability of how a filter will hold up when it's already held back sludge from your synthetic motor oil and is expected to still be filtering. The standard filter in any shop around town won't have a good rating on this, but Mobil 1's oil filter, has the highest double-pass rating I've seen. Bosch, a mid grade filter in comparison to the Mobil, but much better than your standard cheap filter, used to be incredibly below Mobil 1's standard, but recently they have increased their double pass efficiency to being closer. Having run Bosch's new filters against Mobil's, it is still worth the bump in price and quality to use Mobil 1 to keep your synthetic motor oil running long and clean, but you may want a filter for half, rather than double the cost.
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DE Nichols said...

While in the city I put a crudier oil into my 89 Nissan Pulsar years ago. I thought I'd drive that a bit because my oil was just too dirty and immediately change the oil again and put in the good stuff. Even back then it was an old car, and I got rid of so much of the old crud in the engine that it put more space between the parts and quickened the ruining of the engine. I had gotten the engine too clean.

The good part is that while I had this not just lesser mineral based oil in, but that it was thicker and the RPM'S fail faster while I switched gears. I got amazing gas mileage in the city just because it was there was less time that I had left off the clutch, but on the freeway the thicker oil definitely impeded good efficiency. It was abysmal.

Anonymous said...

Do you recommend synthetic motor oil for older cars?

DE Nichols said...

I sure do. Synthetic motor oils had a problem when they first came out. They caused gasket shrinkage and caused leaks. (One of my friend's lost his engine to such problems in the 80's and is still against it.) Some therefore are still against these modern innovations despite all the evidence. I used to believe that when a car got old enough synthetic motor oil wouldn't be worth it anymore. The efficiency boost didn't go away, even if a car is older and is doing more poorly, so I can no longer argue against it even on worn cars.