Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Truck's or Car's Miles Per Gallon

We all want better numbers, but do we really know how to get them? Did you know that when the engine is more efficient that it delivers more power?Let us learn that to get results is to have fun! There are tricks that it took many mechanics decades of experience to figure out and perfect.The truck's or car’s miles per gallon and the tuning of an engine:

The first, simplest, and most economical place you can start with to improve the car’s miles per gallon is in the spark plug wires pages, but keep digging further! That means that when more gas is put into the engine, large or small, the engine will take advantage of that fuel better and translate into more power. Look for the simple ideas article: it explains the jalopy as "The Great American Jalopy" that have been forgotten by most since the 70’s. You’d be amazed, whatever your vehicle may be, how new or old, how these simple ideas will improve your vehicle into having that achievable, great car’s miles per gallon!

Don’t quit now there is even more valuable information coming:

The car's or truck's miles per gallon and the transmission cooler:

A car’s miles per gallon is also dependent on transmission coolers to keep wear and tear away from the transmission. If you don’t let the transmission lose its power in age, then the transmission won’t be dragging down the vehicle’s mileage, which would rob power and efficiency from the vehicle. Speaking of which, when was the last time you changed your transmission fluid and filter? It’s like the nectar of the God’s when it’s new, and when it’s old it smells burnt and worn out. It’s simple and it improves the car’s miles per gallon!

The car’s or truck's miles per gallon and the common misunderstanding: Efficiency is power, and power is efficiency, as long as it’s not based on forcing more fuel into the engine.
Do you now see the relationship between the car’s miles per gallon to power and efficiency? It can‘t be emphasized enough that when there’s more efficiency, there’s more power. If you came to this website for power, you‘ll still learn here; if you came to take control of your pocket book at the pump, you also came to the right place. Your car’s miles per gallon is in good hands with the knowledge based off of many great men’s and women’s collected wisdom.

The car’s or truck's miles per gallon and its major robber or advocate:
It is amazing how many vehicles can be found missing something so basic as a proper spark plug gap, or good spark plug wires. Is your truck‘s or cars miles per gallon missing out? Don’t forget that extra power comes with an adrenaline rush. There is an undeniable feeling of driving excitement. It is basic and simple, but these and other concepts will either be the major robbers the truck’s or car’s miles per gallon, or you’ll make them your advocate! How smooth your engine is running will not only make you feel better when you drive, but will keep years of stress and strain off your motor.

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