Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dodge Hemi Spark Plug Wires

We want the best for our spark plug wires for our Dodge Hemi’s, right? This is where to find your Dodge Hemi spark plug wire’s depending on which type of electrical system you are after.

We all would like to have the best, but some of us need to be cost effective, durable parts, which still perform. Some of you came here for the best of best despite any financial cost. If that’s the case you can simply take’s top pick for the best Dodge Hemi spark plug wire, which is Bosch's Dodge Hemi spark plug wire or you read on and make the informed decision that some of you are after.

The practiced age old advice I’d give to the money conscience, but well-informed consumer is to replace any vehicle’s, including the Dodge Hemi’s, spark plug wires with what Bosch makes for their ignition set. Lifetime warranties, a fairly low ohms of resistance, with Opti-Layer Mag technology which provides the following: stainless steel Mag winding (allows for longer and stronger electrical burst), a Kevlar reinforced core (protects the electricity carrying component from breaking with all of the heating in cooling in today’s engines), a layer of insulation for electronic interference protection, and the age-old goody of being sealed in silicon to keep the elements of the world out.

The Dodge Hemi Spark Plug Wires from Bosch bottom line:

What I'm about to say is necessary to the bottom line even if it's tough to understand. Think about it, they have technology to not allow other electrical or magnetic forces from getting in the way to a free flow of electricity for best combustion. This technology critical and proven by AutoBravado's experience, ohms of resistance, and interference tests.

Why the Dodge Hemi Spark Plug Wires from Bosch are better than some more expensive sets, which are custom:

If you’d like to understand why having electronic shielding, which is often not as nice in a custom set, for the best results in the Dodge Hemi spark plug wires it is actually pretty simple. A professor of science in a university one day noticed that his compass for another show of science earlier in the day changed its alignment every time electricity flowed through an electrical circuit that the compass happened to be above. Electrical components like your Dodge Hemi spark plug wires put out electromagnetic energy, which not only will create a small magnetic pulse, but converts back into interfering electrical energy in another wire. Despite this interference it is best to not just remember to replace one of your Dodge Hemi’s spark plug wires at a time, but to keep them from crossing and have them aligned one after another, which prevents, to put in another way, electrical bleed over, versus reinforcing electro-magnetic energy from one Dodge Hemi spark plug wire to the next. To learn more about how to test your Dodge Hemi spark plug wire’s click on the text link, or to learn how you can adjust the overall truck’s electrical resistance lower by reading up on the Jalopy and 12 gauge speaker wire pages.

Note: I used to have this totally amazing affiliate that sold the the best cold air intakes (for your Dodge Hemi too) by K&N on this article, because they're the only company that'll produce cold air intakes that have ready to go plug-ins for all your sensors and what you need to have your vehicle running legal. Also, I recommend K&N cold air intakes because from the industry experts, they are the only company that tests their design to be sure it'll actually help the car have more horsepower. AutoBravado's public statement is a commitment to better truck or car miles per gallon, but many of those things make our cars have more power and more fun too!

Email me at if you find a great place to get K&N cold air intakes or leave a comment on my blog about any of your experiences that fit with the article on that page, for example tell me about your Dodge Hemi spark plug wire experience, I appreciate all of your input!

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David Nichols, Website Marketing Mentor said...

Au contraire! I think this manufacturer makes the best spark plug wires (thus far, true for Ford and Nissan - original parts from the dealer). Bosch has had their good days come and go on this product line. They still make other stuff really well, and even their spark plug wires are the best without going extreme at the auto parts store, but for at least these 2 car companies, you'll get more efficiency or power than you would from Bosch.