Thursday, August 7, 2008

12 Gauge Speaker Wire

An alternate use you wouldn’t expect for high grade 12 gauge speaker wire:

To those of you who don’t just want to buy what you’re after and you want to see how this relates to theme of this site - your truck’s and car’s miles per gallon - the 12 gauge speaker has more uses then you would ever think of. Sure, it will help you with the sound of your stereo over what comes with the common theatre style stereo in your home. Sure, most car’s sound will be much improved especially of you use a sound specific type of 12 gauge speaker wire like gold, which excepts less interference then the standard material from other electronic sources, but there is still one more use, which won’t be obvious to most of you.

The reality is, is that most 12 gauge speaker wire increase your truck’s or car’s miles per gallon too. Splitting the two sides of the 12 gauge speaker wire apart near the engine you can bolt it down to a close proximity of to of the engines cylinders. Once this is accomplished run the more conveniently conjoined wires to the negative terminal of your battery. This additional ground will increase power and reduce the electrical resistance for your spark plugs/timing systems to work a top performance. It even will get some fuel injectors to run stronger. Some of you may want to be more careful with the gas pedal after this upgrade! Repeat this until all of cylinders have a 12 gauge speaker wire connected to bolts near each cylinder. When running your engine after this upgrade it is a good idea to listen to each cylinder with a heavy metal tool to listen for each pitch being the same uniformly. If it sounds duller one that means it’s weaker; conversely if it’s a brighter sound it’s running stronger or faster. You may have to look into replacing those specific cylinder’s spark plug wires to get them running at peak efficiency, or you may need to look into the spark plug gap measurements. One or the other is off.

Please note: If this was the case before the upgrade get your engine running right and learn more about how on the previous two links before finalizing this upgrade. Whenever you upgrade your grounding system remember two rules: connect it to the negative power terminal of your battery and if that added ground throws off the balance of the engine, you need to install more 12 gauge speaker wires to where the engine is sounding duller.

Here is the regular use of 12 gauge speaker wire and the advantages of different materials, clarity versus power:

Gold is the obvious first choice for the best 12 gauge speaker wire, but that isn’t the whole story. Some wire let’s more power get through to the speakers for more sound, while others, like gold provide clarity. If you’ve ever had a cousin, brother, sister, or anyone else in your life who’s spent a lot of time listening to loud music, then they probably want the 12 gauge speaker wire for the loudest sound possible rather than the clarity. They may think they can hear the improved quality of sound via their gold 12 gauge speaker wires, but the reality is they spent more money than their going tone deaf ears need. Let’s talk about the better cheaper materials for them. It makes a great gift and saves you money!

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