Thursday, February 14, 2008

Synthetic Motor Oil on Valentine's Day

I just bought a rose for my Valentine today. The poetic words that came to mind were, "One rose for a singular passion, YOU!" Unfortunately, as Auto Bravado, author of, I also have a passion for cars. And before tonight's well wishes and truly meant words, "I love you," will come the all important fully synthetic oil change, none of that blended stuff, because I won't drive my love (my girlfriend) in my other passion, the car, one more mile without a synthetic motor oil change! You can soon check out my full article on the subject at my website on this page: (Coming soon! Hey, now it is here! Synthetic Motor Oil).Go ahead click here now, unless you'd like to hear more about my passions on this lovely Valentine's Day!

~To those of you who think of today as Single's Awareness Day, I've been there, don't give up hope!

This may be from a man's point of view, but one of the most fun experiences I have in my car is when my Flowmaster muffler, and Magnaflow exhaust rumble when I speed off and my date says, "Wow! That was fun!" You see, you really can be passionate about both. To read this full articles check out: Magnaflow Exhaust and Flowmaster Muffler for more details. As much as I enjoy this experience, my Flowmaster exhaust may still be loud, but the acceleration just won't be as fast without my synthetic motor oil being changed.

Haven't you ever wondered why that is? Why does your car or truck spend more gas when it needs the ol' lube job? No matter how good my synthetic motor oil by Mobile 1 is, it'll still get sludge in it over time. Sludge increases the friction of numerous important parts in your engine. Also, given too much time, that filter will actually slowly decrease the flow speed of any great synthetic motor oil, because its metaphorical arteries will be too clogged while the Mobile 1 filter will be trying too hold that sludge back out of your engine. And when you're clogged, where's the passion?

Why synthetic motor oil? Some people can't feel their car run smoother using synthetic motor oil, but trust Auto Bravado's experience, it's making it smoother and for the better whether you can feel it or not, and that means longer engine life, less fuel consumed, and less frequent oil changes than the usual every 3000 miles rule. Some cars can go safely as much as 7000 miles with Mobile 1 synthetic motor oil and a Mobile 1 filter, but I usually recommend 5000 miles to be on the safe side because there are engines out there like mine that sludge up a little faster.

Why Mobile 1? I've tried Valvoline, Coastal, and other big names in the synthetic motor oil varieties, and even more brands in the mineral based variety, and nothing prevents sludge build up and causes longer lasting performance than Mobile 1. Now, I realize there are even more brands out there, and if you'd like to tell me about them I'll even post a quote from one of you to make the reader's of this and Auto Bravado more broadened, email me at

Remember; check out my website for an article on this subject and more: (coming soon!) now here! Synthetic Motor Oil. Or, check out what's newest to AutoBravado, learn more about synthetic motor oil, and how other fluids effect fuel mileage.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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